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Daniel A. Ramos

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Who’s Daniel?

This is Daniel Ramos. Daniel is a 21 year old young man who currently lives in Nanaimo and has been for just over 11 years. He moved to Nanaimo from a small town in the North-West Territories called Hay-River; Daniel had lived in Hay River for a solid 8 years. Before living in Hay-River, Daniel was born and briefly lived in Calgary Alberta; some can say that Daniel is no stranger to cold weather. Daniel’s mother is of Chinese descent and his father is of Filipino descent, this makes Daniel a Chilipino Canadian. Since Daniel’s parents weren’t of the same ethnicity, English was the language spoken around the house and therefore English is Daniel’s First language. As child Daniel attended at a Francophone school from pre-school to grade 6. Interestingly, Daniel had learned to read in French before learning to read in English. Unfortunately, Daniel can no longer consider himself as bilingual because after leaving the Francophone school in grade 6 Daniel had only the need to speak English with the people around him in his life. Daniel had attended and graduated at Wellington Secondary School here in Nanaimo. Throughout Daniel’s childhood he found pleasure in swimming, Daniel had swam with the local swim teams for many years. After a while, Daniel didn’t enjoy the competitive swimming anymore and looked in another direction in aquatics. Since the age of 13, Daniel had begun his training to become a Lifeguard. Currently, Daniel is a second year recreation management student at Vancouver Island University and is working part-time as a lifeguard, swim instructor and fitness instructor for the City of Nanaimo. Daniel has many interests, but his biggest interest is in Cars; ever since day one Daniel loved cars. Driving is something Daniel does a lot on his free time to clear his mind.


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